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Friday, November 8, 2019

Importance of Identity Verification for Mobile Devices - A guest Post by Maxwell Donovan

In the world today, almost every grown-up owns a mobile phone, and more than half of them are smartphones with a lot of sensitive data. For the multitude of persons with a mobile device, data security is one of the most critical issues with using one. Whether you own an Android or IOS device, Identity verification should be part of the features you should look out for in a phone.

Security features in modern smartphones include an identity verification system that prevents unwanted entry and access into the user area. In most cases, a password is required to gain access to the phone, which can only be provided by the owner. Identity verification for mobile devices is highly essential, and it doesn't matter if you are tech-savvy or not, there are a lot of things you can do to safeguard your data from hackers.

With a password feature installed on your phone, you certainly can prevent a stranger from getting into your mobile phone, or your partner from reading your messages. And you get the assurance that you don't have to worry about losing sensitive information in a situation when your mobile device goes missing. There are different types of security features available in smartphones for use in identity verification. Some mobile devices enable fingerprint and retina scans that make it easy to lock and unlock a mobile device quickly. Some features require you to enter a passcode or draw a pattern to gain access to the phone. There is also the option of voice activation where you speak, and the voice recognition system gets to work.

Identity verification also plays a significant role in corporate security, where it helps to prevent the loss or theft of sensitive information and data. It would be easy for hackers to gain access to company profiles and records if not for security features that prevent the invasion of their privacy. Top secret government activities will also not be left out as hackers are continually crawling the web for loopholes to gather information or leverage. In the workplace, it could also help to keep customers out of employee-only areas. The use of keycards with microchips in them could prevent unwanted entry into private areas of the business. 

Business owners could also benefit from the use of security systems with identity verification features that control the movement of persons inside the building. You could also get security cameras fitted with an identity verification system. It works by simply checking the faces of each person that looks into it and running it through a facial recognition system. A lot of shop owners are taking their business online, and this means that they are using their mobile devices more frequently for their business activities. 

There are malware and viruses that can corrupt mobile devices from browsing online, and while security features can help to keep you safe, you should also consider the kind of defensive system you choose for your device. 

One of the importance of identity verification for mobile devices is that it prevents identity theft. A single breach in your mobile device by a skilled hacker can expose your identity and sensitive information like your financial and bank details. They can also access your emails, social media handles, and health records. 
There is a lot you can lose if someone should steal your identity even for a few minutes, so you should take necessary precautionary measures to prevent any form of unwanted entry into your mobile device. You can start by using a mobile device with an identity verification system as part of its security features.

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