April 2022 | SansSQL

Friday, April 22, 2022

T-SQL to find Remote Server Name of the linked server

At times it happens that you might have named a linked server with a friendly name that the actual server name. As the time flies and people change in the team, it will become difficult to identify how or to where this is linked.  You can find the information using the sp_linkedservers stored procedure but what if the linked server configured uses a entirely different DNS name than the actual server? The below query helps to get the Remote Server Name with few other details when run against a linked server.  

DECLARE @linkedServerName varchar(100), @sql varchar(max)
SET @linkedServerName='Your Linked Server Name'
SET @sql = CONCAT('SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY([',@linkedServerName , '], 
''SELECT ''''',@linkedServerName,''''' AS LinkedServerName, 
@@SERVERNAME AS RemoteServerName, SUSER_SNAME() AS ConnectedWith, DB_NAME() AS DefaultDB'')')
EXEC (@sql)