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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Database files info

This script returns the main properties for all data files and log files in the current
database including logical and physical file names, size, used space, and file growth


use dbname

select fileid, sf.groupid, grp=left([groupname],20), Logicalname=left([name],20),
size_mb=[size]/128 ,used_mb=FILEPROPERTY([name], 'SpaceUsed')/128,file_growth=case when (sf.status&0x100000) > 0 then str(growth)+' %' else str(growth/128)+' mb' end,max_mb=case when [maxsize]<0 then 'Unrestricted' else str([maxsize]/128) end,PhysicalName=left(filename,70)from sysfiles sf left outer join sysfilegroups sfg on sf.groupid=sfg.groupidorder by 1