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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is the basic functions for master, msdb, model, tempdb databases?

The Master database holds information for all databases located on the SQL Server instance and is the glue that holds the engine together. Because SQL Server cannot start without a functioning master database, you must administer this database with care.
The msdb database stores information regarding database backups, SQL Agent information, DTS packages, SQL Server jobs, and some replication information such as for log shipping.
The tempdb holds temporary objects such as global and local temporary tables and stored procedures.
The model is essentially a template database used in the creation of any new user database created in the instance.


Anonymous said...

hi sandesh,
i m dwarkesh...i develope one project in asp.net with c# and i need to create database for contact us form which used 4 text box and 1 button .

but i m new to sql server so i don't know how to whole process work .
plz give me info' to this mail id d4deks@gmail.com

Sandesh Segu said...

Hi Dwarkesh,
To create a database in sql 2000, follow the below steps,
1.Go to all programs
2.Microsoft SQL server
3.Enterprise Manager
4.Expand "Microsoft SQL Servers"
5.Expand "SQL Server Group"
6.Expand "(local)" (if it is the default instance in that server)
7.Expand "Databases"
8.Right-click on the databases and select "New Database"
9.Give the name of the database
10. Click OK
11.check for the newly created database in the databases folder.

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