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Sunday, November 15, 2009

How to Backup Analysis Service Database

An Analysis Service database can be backed up using SSMS or XMLA Query Editor.
Backup using SSMS:
1. Login to SSAS instance using SSMS
2. Right-Click on the Analysis service database you want to backup.
3. And Choose the option Backup.
4. Now in the Backup Database page, Enter the location to where you want the backup file to be placed.
5. Choose the other options, if required.
6. And Click on OK to backup the database.
Backup Using XMLA Query Editor:
1. Open the XMLA Query Editor using the New Query Option.
2. Enter the below query.
 <Backup xmlns=""> 
3. Replace the DatabasesID with the Analysis Service database name which you want to backup.
4. And replace the File to where(location on disk) you want the analysis service database to be backed up to.
5. Execute the Query.


Unknown said...

The above query provided helped a lot for taking backup for one database at at time..

Can you guide me to take backup for all database at at time.....
in SSAS.

Thanks in advance.

Sandesh Segu said...

You have to write query for all ur databases and put it in a job.

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