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Friday, January 4, 2013

Encrypted DTS packages... continued...

Yesterday I posted the way of getting to know about the DTS Package name from a job step which is encrypted "Encrypted DTS packages - Find DTS Package name". So, now once we are aware of the proper DTS calls used in the scheduled jobs... we may want to replace the encrypted DTS names with correct readable names... which helps us to understand better.

To perform the same:
Following list of SP's come in handy; one can refer to books online to know more about the same.


I made use of one of the above SP's and created scripts to have the DTS jobs updated:

One such example is as shown below:
USE msdb
EXEC dbo.sp_update_jobstep
@job_name = 'Job Name',
@step_id = 1,
@command = 'DTSRun /S "ServerName" /N "DTS package name" /E '
This will do the trick!

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