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Friday, March 22, 2013

SQL Server Edition Upgrade

SQL Server edition upgrade is a process in which an SQL Server instance will be upgraded from one edition to another.
To find the supported paths for Version and Edition Upgrades, follow the below link to make sure to choose the right upgrade path.

The steps in this post, shows the procedure to upgrade SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition.

Before the Upgrade:

Edition Upgrade Process:
  1. Insert the Installation media and Run "setup.exe"
  2. Go to "Maintenance" page and choose "Edition Upgrade"
  3. This will now check and verify few rules which help in the smooth setup process. Click "Ok" in this screen
  4. On clicking ok, the setup will now verify few more rules. Click "Next" in this screen
  5. Enter the Product Key and click "Next"
  6. Read the License Terms and accept it and click "Next"
  7. Select the Instance that needs to be upgraded and Click "Next"
  8. On clicking next in previous step, the setup verifies few rules related to upgrade, based on the result, fix any issues reported or click "Next"
  9. In the summary screen, verify the actions, if any changes required click "Back" else click "Upgrade"
  10. Once the Upgrade is completed, Click "Close"
After Upgrade:

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