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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fix - The SSIS subsystem failed to load

The subsystem failure is a common error which occurs when an SQL Server instance is migrated.
When we do the migration, we usually miss to install the SQL Server binaries on the same location as it was in source. Because of this the SQL Server jobs which uses SSIS, powershell, etc... subsystems will fail.
To fix this error, we need to reload the subsystem details in the SQL Server to refer to the new location.

--Step 1
--Look for the existence of the subsystem values
SELECT * FROM msdb..syssubsystems

--Step 2
--DELETE the existing subsystem values
DELETE FROM msdb..syssubsystems

--Step 3
--Reload the subsystem values
EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_verify_subsystems 1

Once the subsystem values are reloaded, we need to Restart the SQL Server Agent service in order for the system to pick up new values.

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