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Monday, October 28, 2013

SQL Server Replication - Configuring Publisher - Transactional Replication

In one my previous post "SQL Server Replication - Configuring Distributor", we have seen how to configure the distributor database. In this post, we will see how to configure the publisher for transactional replication.
  • Expand the SQL Server Instance and then "Replication"
  • Right Click on "Local Publications" and choose "New Publication"
  • Click Next in the welcome screen
  • In this screen, choose the distributor for this new publication and click next
  • If the SQL Server Agent startup type is not Automatic then in this screen you can configure it to start automatically.
  • In this screen, specify where to store the Snapshot data

  • Here you have choose which database will be the publisher.
  • Once the publisher database is chosen, then you need to specify which type of publication you want to configure
  • In this screen, you can choose the articles that needs to be published. The articles can be Tables, SP's, etc...
  • If you want only specific data to be replicated then in this screen, you can apply the filter
  • In this screen, specify the schedule for the snapshot agent.
  • In this screen, specify the account using which the agents should run

  • Choose the required options and Click "Next"
  • Give a name to your new publication and click "Finish"

  • Once the publication is created, it is appear under the "Local Publications" of that SQL Server instance.

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