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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Small data in a Big Data is a useful data

Every bit of data has its own space – be it BIG or SMALL!
Considering the universe which is HUGE, Earth is one small bit of it and the space required for individual like us is one tiny tot. That doesn't stop us from dreaming BIG or living BIG in all.

In the database technology world today the most buzzing word around us is BIG Data – so this is like Universe with loads of information which is formed of million-billion bit of tiny tots.  So, in that way every bit of data is informative talking about something or the other.
One Such practical example wherein we see such usage of data, be it BIG or SMALL is Facebook. Facebook introduced a concept known as Graph Search (concept of breaking huge chunk of data into smaller bits making it more consumable). The level Graph search has adopted is getting to each individual information. This data is being consumed to give back the ‘personal belongingness’ for each individual – just because Graph search is helping us to get there. This ultimately means Big Data has showcased what every bit of data can be – BIG or SMALL!

Many companies have already adopted this technology, with more and more companies are moving towards this technology making use of the abundant data around us.

We could see such adoption at NASA for analyzing and forecasting of various extra celestial activities. So, data is important in every possible way! The useful data or the end result we see might be small but without the big data it is impossible to derive this tiny useful data which makes a drastic changeover.

BIG REVOLUTION is here! Embrace it!!


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