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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Do you have a desire to learn SQL?

Many of us have users that show a desire to learn SQL, and that would be awesome, but who has the time to train them?

Well I have a solution I think you’ll like.  I recently ran across a site for beginners, EssentialSQL, that provides easy to understand SQL lessons in plain English.  The site is targeted towards the beginner, though I suspect a couple of developers could use their guidance as well!

All the examples are easy to follow.  The site recommends using SQLite, since it is a snap to install.  The good news is SQLite is SQL-92 compliant, so the training applies to basic SQL Server DML.

I really liked that the training comes with videos, so if you don’t get what Kris, essential SQL’s creator, has written, you can always watch him “live.”

In additional to the training posts, the site has several posts on database concepts.  Some are basic, such as explaining ACID; where as others, delve into the details of a B-Tree indexes.  Kris mentioned he plans on digging into other topic such as Hash Indexes and Normalization.  No doubt, everyone can use a refresher with these topics.

If you know of anyone having a desire to learn SQL, I would recommend they visit this site.