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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mockup data - 70% off this week for SansSQL Readers

What is MockupData

MockupData is a a software designed for Windows that generates a large quantity of realistic data for testing and demonstration purposes. Names will look like names, addresses will look like addresses, and phone numbers will look like phone numbers.

Why MockupData?

First off, large quantities of realistic data make test runs more realistic than just a handful of lines filled with random gibberish. Functional testing catches more bugs, saving you and your company both time and money. Plus filling your databases with a large volume of data allows for stress and performance testing to take place.

Secondly, real looking data makes more sense to anyone inspecting the application. Testing teams and company representatives will love seeing endless lines of real data, rather than a couple lines of random keystrokes. It simply makes everyone’s job easier.

MockupData will always be able to populate your databases when you have no previous information available (such as for a system in development) or privacy restrictions prevent you from using current information.

Finally, if you ever find yourself presenting your software to potential clients, you won’t want to pass up this software. How many clients have passed on your product simply because it had a “raw”, “unfinished” look to it due to fake data?

MockupData will help you make the best impression when selling your software to businesses. They want to see a finished product. They want to see what the software will look like with thousands of their clients inputted into the system. You simply can’t show them realistic results with fake data.

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