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Thursday, April 13, 2017

T-SQL to List all Permissions for a Given Role

This script lists all the permissions for a given role.

SELECT DB_NAME() AS DatabaseName
      ,DatabasePrincipals.name AS PrincipalName
      ,DatabasePrincipals.type_desc AS PrincipalType
      ,DatabasePrincipals2.name AS GrantedBy
      ,DatabasePermissions.permission_name AS Permission
      ,DatabasePermissions.state_desc AS StateDescription
      ,SCHEMA_NAME(SO.schema_id) AS SchemaName
      ,SO.Name AS ObjectName
      ,SO.type_desc AS ObjectType
  FROM sys.database_permissions DatabasePermissions LEFT JOIN sys.objects SO
    ON DatabasePermissions.major_id = so.object_id LEFT JOIN sys.database_principals DatabasePrincipals
    ON DatabasePermissions.grantee_principal_id = DatabasePrincipals.principal_id LEFT JOIN sys.database_principals DatabasePrincipals2
    ON DatabasePermissions.grantor_principal_id = DatabasePrincipals2.principal_id
WHERE DatabasePrincipals.name = 'Test' -- Change the Role Name

You can download the script from here.


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